Lectures and Workshops

The International Convention of Martial Arts - Wingate Institute  26/05/2017

Ido Laufer lectured on " Cases of Therapeutic use of Martial Arts" and led the workshop "Adjusting Martial Arts to Eldelry Trainees" 

Rotary Clab of Ramat Hasharon - 22/05/2017

Ido Laufer lectured about "The use of martial arts to privent fall injuries among elderly"

"Talking Autism" conference - Tel_Aviv University 23/09/2016

Board members gave a worshop together:

Ido Laufer - communication and consentration practices of Tai Chi

Tami Ben Eli - Concentration and game rules learning drills of Taekwando

Tamar Apter - Comunication practices and the use of Karate Kata 

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