The Israeli Association of Martial Arts Therapy is a registered NGO no. 580619245.

The association is the home of the various therapists who passed the obliged professional studies in the field of physical and cognitive deficiencies, mainly child and adolescence oriented.   

What is Martial Arts Therapy​?

Martial Arts Therapy is a treatment in which the technics and spirits of the martial art are applied in order to better the state of the patient. These technics enable the solicitation of the healthy strengths of the patient which are amplified to better his daily activities and interactions. In addition, the engagement in martial arts strengthen and empower his self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety.

The treatment is more efficient when a collaboration with the family, the teachers and other therapists is executed.

Martial arts therapy is found to be effective in numerous researches regarding the participation of children and youth in social activities, improvement in studying capabilities, self-discipline and self-regulation, and physical and mental state.

The association is seeking for partners all over the world to cooperate with, in order to develope and contribute. 

Ido Laufer Aikido and Tai-Chi Therapist

Elad Ernst, Taekwondo & Krav-Maga Therapist

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